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Sika Trocal Flat Roofing

Flat roofing job in Leeds

Sika-Trocal roof waterproofing membranes are suitable for use with virtualy all commonly used substrates - including both new and refurbishment applications. They can be part of either warm or cold dek roofs - including mechanically fixed exposed, adhered exposed and ballasted types. The waterproofed surfaces may be flat, sloped, vertical, curved, convex or concave, waveform, domed, etc. Fully British Board of Agrement (BBA) Certified the Sika-Trocal membranes are currently stated to have a minimum life expectancy, in their opinion in excess of 30 years.

Eco Roofing Ltd specialise in this type of flat roofing. Sika Trocal style first became available in the UK in 1972 and has continued to develop and grow into a popular method for installing flat roofs. The Sika Trocal method consists of mechanically attaching a series of ply membranes to each other, in order to create a lightweight and efficient roofing solution for a wide range of buildings, old and new.

How Does It Work?

Each piece of ply membrane is mechanically attached to each other in layers on the support structure. A polyester panel on each membrane guards against high wind resistance and helps to strengthen the roof. The membranes can be attached in various different ways, including:

  • Overlapping Spot System
  • Welding
  • Linear Fastening System
    • Our team at Eco Roofing can assess the type of system which is suitable for your building.

      The Advantages of Sika Trocal Roofing

      There are many advantages to Sika Trocal Roofing, as opposed to traditional tiled or felt roofing.

      Easier and safer to install

      Not only does this cut down on labour cost, but it also allows us to concentrate on other parts of the roof, such as the support structure. The fastening process does not involve naked flames or melting, which improves the safety of workers during its installation.

      High wind and water resistance

      Much needed in our climate, but the fastening system and layered structure ensures protection against the British climate for up to 30 years!


      The lightweight nature of Sika Trocal roofs means less steel is needed to support it underneath, which saves time and cost!


      Sika Trocal roofs can last up to 30 years, before maintenance may be needed.

      Condensation – free

      Sika Trocal may be water resistance from above, but from below it allows water vapour to exit the building, meaning there is no build up of condensation or mould.

      No ongoing Maintenance

      There is no need to re-paint, re-tile or do anything with Sika Trocal roofing! Well not at least for another 30 years!

      Attractive Appearance

      The roof has a smooth and modern appearance when fitted with Sika Trocal, which stays clean and does not get clogged up with moss or other debris.

      Cost effective

      With its ease of installation, reliability, lightweight structure and long-lasting nature, Sika Trocal roofing provides a cost effective solution.

      Can be built on new or existing buildings

      Traditional roofs can be converted into Sika Trocal on existing buildings and can be moulded into different shapes to suit the shape of the building, especially on those which were built before this type of roofing was even invented!


      Our highly trained team at Eco Roofing specialise in installing Sika Trocal roofing onto a range of buildings and can carry out a full assessment of your requirements, before getting to work. All our processes are BBA Agreement certified, which satisfies building control departments .

      All Sika Trocal membranes are awarded with a British Board of Agreement (BBA) Certificate Number: 09/4668 and covered by BS EN 13956.

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